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Accidents happen! At Mubarak Law, we are here for you whenever this occurs. Individuals involved in a car accident may have many questions regarding damages, potential injuries, and more. Here you can find information that will help answer these questions. 

What to do if you are Involved in a car accident?

  • Stop! Do not drive away from an accident.
  • Move out of harm’s way, and, if possible, move your vehicle away from oncoming traffic to prevent further accidents or injury.
  • Call the police (and an ambulance if necessary).
  • Take pictures of all vehicle damage, physical injuries, and any evidence of weather and road conditions.
  • Exchange information with the other parties involved, including, but not limited to: names, contact information, insurance information, license plate numbers, vehicle information and registration numbers, and driver license numbers.
  • If you sustain any bodily injuries, seek medical attention within 14 days. A doctor might recognize injuries that are not immediately apparent to those involved in the accident.
  • It is always best to first seek medical attention to know the extent of your injuries. Then, seek out legal help from the experienced Personal Injury team at Mubarak Law.

A Note of Caution

Car accidents unfortunately happen. In Orlando, with all I-4 construction, and bad weather in the summer we see an increase in car accidents. A lot of times people don't want to wait for the police and don't want to make a police report. Instead, they exchange numbers because they think the other person looks nice and the other person accepts responsibility for the accident. So, they go home, call the insurance company and next thing they know is that the version of events given to the insurance by the other person is completely different than what it really happened, and suddenly they are being seen now as the liable party. Our advice to those involved in a car accident is to be patient and make the time to make a police report so you don't want to deal with contesting liabilities or issues that are not true just because you didn't wait for a proper police report, which sometimes can take several hours.

Another critical step you need to take is after a car accident is to seek medical treatment within 14 days, or you will lose any rights for compensation.

Another issue about car accidents in Florida is that Florida law does not require drivers to have bodily injury protection, which means that if you're in an accident and the other driver does not have bodily injury and you have excessive injuries you are not going to be covered unless you have what is called uninsured motorist insurance. For this reason, we strongly advice everybody to contact your insurance providers to let them know that you need uninsured motorist insurance. Your monthly payment may increase $20 or $30 but you would not rely on other people having proper insurance to properly covered in case of an accident.

Contact Our Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Given the complications that follow accidents and severe damages, it is essential to find skilled legal representation after experiencing personal injury in a car accident. At Mubarak Law, our Orlando attorneys have extensive experience in helping clients navigate the aftermath of car accidents and bodily injuries, and our priority is to offer specialized legal representation and guidance throughout the course of your personal injury case.



5 Star Reviews


Our highly experienced personal injury team has received numerous 5-star reviews from clients injured in car accidents. Below are some of them. Please follow the link to read more reviews!


    My experience with Mubarak Law was awesome! Through them, I was able to receive more than I expected from my car accident. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely refer them to a friend and continue to use them in the future!


    Mubarak Law helped me with a personal injury case, after an incident involving multiple cars on the turnpike. The staff was always available to me to help with questions through the process, making it a much more smooth and comfortable experience. I've referred friends and family here - and I trust this team if I ever needed legal help again!


    I was in a car accident 9 months ago, my first ever one and felt pretty scared. My brother referred me to Nayef and I honestly couldn't have felt more grateful to have him as my Attorney for this. He helped me not freak out as much as I began to, he reminded me it was going to be fine. Any questions I ever had he was available to talk to and if not, I was lucky I had Sare to ask as well. I appreciate everyone in this office and the job they do. I would recommend this office highly, I would recommend Nayef.


    After getting into a car accident, I decided to contact Mubarak law office to see what help. Thankfully, I made the best choice possible. The attorney Nayef did an outstanding job with my case, he was very helpful through the entire process, answering every question, and guiding me with every step of the entire process making me feel comfortable by letting him handle my legal matters. We were able to pay all my medical bills, and even left me with more money than I expected. I recommend this place to anyone who is any type of accident.