L1 Visas FAQs

In an effort to help you find as much information as possible, we have compiled some of our clients' most frequently asked questions about L1 visas under US Immigration law. Feel free to browse through them and visit related pages for more detailed information.


What are the L1 visa requirements of the two Companies?

- Both companies must be in operation during entirety of the L1.
- Must be qualifying companies, such as: parent; branch; affiliates; or subsidiary.


What are the L1 Visa requirements of the beneficiary?

- Must have been employed as a manager or executive with the foreign parent entity
- Employment period must have been for one continuous year, 3 years preceding the application
- Transfer is for a temporary period in the U.S., at the managerial and/or executive level.


How long is an L1 Visa good for?

The L-1A under a new office petition is granted for 1 year, for existing offices it will be granted for 2. The maximum time allowed on an L-1A is 7 years. L1B, specialized knowledge can be renews for a maximum period up to 5 years.


Can I apply for a green card with an L1 visa?

Technically, one does not apply for the green card via the L1 but rather the Eb1C. Read additional information about the EB-1C Visa. We suggest Clients maintain their L1 status even while the immigrant petition on the Eb1C is pending.


Can the spouse of an L1 visa holder work in the US?

A spouse of an L1 beneficiary is eligible to work after a work authorization is obtained.


Can my children attend school?



Can I expedite my L1 Visa?

Yes, with premium processing.


Can I apply for an L1 Visa while in the USA?

Yes, but it’s important to consult with an attorney to be sure to minimize the risk of unlawful presence.



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