Most frequently asked questions about the F1 Visa answered by immigration attorney Nayef Mubarak



Published on September 8, 2023

Orlando Immigration attorney Nayef Mubarak answers some of the most frequently asked questions clients ask about obtaining F1 status or an F1 student visa, including:

How can I obtain an F-1 Student Visa?

Step 1: Be admitted to a college or university.

Step 2, if outside the US: You need to make an appointment with the US consulate to obtain the F-1 Visa and you can enter as a student, ready to go to school.

Step 2, if inside the US: If you are inside the US, you need to evaluate if you are able to change status. If you are, then you need to complete a change of status request, Form I-539.

Optional Step 3: Premium Processing is available for those changing status to F-1! If you request premium processing, you should receive a response on your application within 30 days from the date USCIS receives it. To request premium processing, Form I-907, it must be filed simultaneously with Form I-539, either online or paper form.

At the completion of your studies, you must either find another lawful way to remain in the US by changing status to another, or you must leave the US within 60 days from the end of the program.

You can also apply for temporary work in your field of study, post-graduation. This work authorization allows you to work for up to one year. Hopefully, by the end of this temporary work, you will have made some good connections with employers who may sponsor you to remain in the US with a valid employment visa!

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