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*** Pursuant to the rules of the Florida Bar, you are advised that if past results are mentioned, each case is different and those provided may not be representative of future results obtained by the lawyers.

2021 - From unlawful minor to US Citizen. Client was brought to the US as a minor. Despite being less than 7 years old, the way in which she entered prevented her from obtaining status. Her husband served in the marines, and we were able to "cure" her unlawful entry with military parole in place (PIP). After we completed the PIP, we were able to obtain permanent resident status. Today she will be a citizen. Attorney Nayef Mubarak has represented her for over 8 years.

2021 - Naturalization. Client became a resident through family petitions. However, at the age of 18 lived on their own an made some mistakes. Almost 10 years later client is now an executive of a finance company, turning their life around after rough start in adulthood.

2021 - I-130 petition of relative for LPR. Clients came to seek counsel for I-130 petition of relative for LPR (green card holder) for consular process. Attorney Mubarak advised that adjustment was possible within the USA because the visa bulletin was current. Young couple did not have a lot of evidence and did not testify well. USCIS sent Notice of Intent to Deny. After Attorney Mubarak reviewed the USCIS notice he argued that it was baseless and also provided additional evidence. Case was approved, LPR card was issued.

2020 - Eb5 Removal of Conditions. Mubarak Law represented this family for their original 526 Petition with a regional center. Case was approved in 2015. After two years, the family hired Mubarak Law to complete their second process, to remove conditions on their conditional status. The case was approved, clients are now Full Permanent Resident Status and were able to receive their funds which they initially invested in the Regional Center.

2020 - Fraud Allegation with Naturalization/False Claim to Citizenship. Client retained our services after receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny their Naturalization application for allegedly committing a false claim to U.S. citizenship. Under federal and immigration laws, this would be the equivalent of the death penalty, permanently barring applicants from naturalization and will likely lead to deportation proceedings. Mubarak law successfully defended this client and USCIS completely reversed their decision and issued an oath ceremony for our client, whom is now a U.S. citizen – within a matter of months from hiring our firm!

2020 - Adjustment of Status with Court. Client was once detained for being a visa overstay. He was married to a US citizen. Client was able to receive bond. Mubarak Law was able to assist with obtaining an approved I-130, and pursuing adjustment of status through the immigration court. After more than 2 years in removal proceedings, Client’s adjustment of status was finally approved.

2020 - Writ of Mandamus. Client hired Mubarak Law after he filed his wife’s petition pro se. The case was stuck in administrative processing for nearly two years at the embassy abroad. Client hired Mubarak Law to file a Federal Mandamus action, suing the USCIS and DOS for the unreasonable delay. Within 60 days, Client’s wife’s petition was approved and her visa was issued.

2020 - Eb5 Adjustment-. Client was in the US with his family in lawful h1b status. Client hired Mubarak Law for his Eb5 Regional Center case. After the I-526 was approved, and the visa bulletin was current, the Client and his family were able to adjust their statuses within the US. They were not required to depart, and complete consular process.

2019 - Cancellation of Removal for LPR. Client was placed in removal proceedings due to criminal history. Client had several convictions which he received over 10 years ago, but rendered him inadmissible after he traveled abroad. Mubarak Law was able to demonstrate to the Immigration Judge that the Respondent was worthy of discretion, and met all other criteria for cancellation of removal. Attorney Mubarak worked very closely with Respondent and all witnesses to be prepared for the final hearing.

2019 - E-2 Visa Consular Process London. Clients were involved in the real estate business in the UK, and were in the need to diversify their assets due to the political turmoil with BREXIT. The Couple created a new company which would provide eco-luxury transportation in Central Florida. The Company purchased several luxury/eco-friendly vehicles for their fleet. The E2 visa was applied for at the Embassy in London, and was approved on the spot!

2019 – E-2 Visa Change of Status (Egypt) - Clients are a young couple from Egypt. The couple with their two young children came to Orlando, Florida to visit the theme parks. The family fell in love with the city. After a few weeks of investigation, and discussion, they decided to seek an E2 visa. As this was a young couple, the funds had to be gifted by on of their parents. They purchased a franchise ice-cream store, and their case was approved!

2019 - EB2 NIW: South African oncologist was approved for a national interest waiver. She has spoken at conferences in Africa and was mentioned in articles. Her experience and education allowed for her to self-petition for a green card because it is in the interest of the United States to waive the requirement of a petitioning employer

2019 - South African Beneficiary was approved for an L1 intra-company transfer. The Petitioner owned a large company in South African for many years and decided to start a company in the U.S. The Petitioner was able to transfer the Beneficiary, whom was an executor of the South African Company, on a temporary visa to work as a Manager in the U.S.

2019 - Petitioner was from St. Lucia and had been scheduled for an interview with her and her husband. She no longer was with her Husband because of spousal neglect and was not going to attend the interview. We informed her that she was able to attend by herself through a waiver. She was able to obtain her Permanent Resident Card 6 weeks later. 

2019 - Bond from Detention: Mexican Mother of 3 was detained. Client had been in the United States for over 25 years. She had multiple convictions of driving without a license. We were able to obtain an immigration bond even under this strict administration. 

2018 - Same Sex Marriage/ Reopening Deportation: In 1989 our client entered the United States legally with a tourist visa, he filed a timely asylum application, which eventually would be denied. He was married to his spouse, however, in 2006 the federal government didn’t recognize same-sex marriages. Our client had an order of deportation.

Attorney Mubarak was retained in 2015 to help the couple. Mr. Mubarak was able to obtain an approval of an I-130, after the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize same- marriages. The next step was successfully reopening the deportation order against our client. Once the case was reopened, we terminated and sought adjustment of status. His case was finally approved in spring of 2018.

2018 - Immigration Bond: Our client, a Mexican citizen residing in the US for more than 12 years was previously denied a bond, we disagreed with the decision and we filed a motion to reconsider. He is the father of two US citizen children, he will now be reunited with them after nearly 5 months of detention.

2017 - Writ of Mandamus: After waiting several years for his client’s green card, Attorney Nayef Mubarak filed a federal law suit against the US government for failing to adjudicate his client’s petition and application for adjustment of status. This process involves serving lawsuits to numerous bodies of the government, requesting action on the client’s case. After serving the last defendant, our office received news the case was approved within 30 days.

2016- E-2 visa. Attorney Mubarak represented a young family from Egypt with regards to their E-2 investment visa. The family had limited funds, but where in the United States on a B1/B2 visa. The young couple invested less than $50,000, and their case was approved!

2016- I-140, Immigrant Petition for Multinational Executive. Attorney Mubarak represented a company from the Middle East in regards to an L-1 Executive transfer to the United States. After the first year, and extension of the L-1 was filed and approved. Attorney Mubarak also filed an Immigrant Petition on behalf of the company for the multinational executive, and it was approved within 4 months. Allowing the Beneficiary and his family to apply for their residency (green cards).

2016- Parole in Place for family members of US military

2015/2016- Cancellation of Removal./ Board of Immigration Appeals Attorney Mubarak represented a client in Removal Proceedings. Client was a permanent resident, who was charged with an aggravated felony, making him ineligible for Cancellation of Removal. Attorney Mubarak contested the allegation that the conviction was an aggravated felony, and filed for asylum due to client’s fear of returning to Mexico. Immigration Judge denied cancellation, but granted withholding of removal. Attorney Mubarak appealed the immigration judge’s decision, argued it was not an aggravated felony, and won! Client’s status as permanent resident was restored.

2015- Provisional Waiver- Client was a US citizen, and his spouse a citizen of Nicaragua. The spouse was unable to adjust status due to her unlawful entry. Attorney Mubarak Assisted the family with the filing for a provisional waiver, and demonstrated the US citizen souse would suffer extreme hardship without his spouse. The waiver was approved, and the foreign national spouse completed consular process. She is now a permanent resident.

2014- Naturalization of Legal Resident living outside the USA: This client was a legal permanent resident for more than 10 years. She lived abroad due to her US Spouse’s employment. Her time outside the United States prevented her from seeking naturalization, however, client was not aware of a special exemption which would allow for her naturalization. Due to her husband’s employment with US company, Attorney Mubarak advised the client she would be exempt from demonstrating physical and continuance residence in the United States. Client’s application for naturalization was approved in summer of 2014.

2014 Cancelation of Removal for Non Permanent Residents/Deportation Defense: A young family, of Colombian nationals were present in the United States without status for more than 12 years. The clients were in deportation proceedings. Attorney Mubarak successfully handled their deportation defense case, and the couple’s application for cancelation of removal was approved. The clients are now legal permanent residents of the United States.

2014 Same-Sex Marriage Petition: After the Supreme Court ruled portions of DOMA unconstitutional, it was now possible for same-sex couples to extend an immigration benefit to their spouses. Attorney Mubarak has successfully handled same-sex marriage petitions.

2014- Adjustment of Status for Individual with no proof of lawful entry: Client entered the United States as a minor child more than 25 years ago. His passport, and proof of entry was lost as a child. After remaining in the United States without status for over 20 years, and two previous attorneys failures to win the case, Attorney Mubarak was successful in establishing client legally entered. Attorney Mubarak used creative measures to establish client entered the US legally, such as : polygraph exams, airline registry records, affidavits, etc. The circumstantial evidence provided by Attorney Mubarak was sufficient for the USICS office to approve the client’s case. Client is now a legal permanent resident.

2014- Deportation Defense/ 212i Waiver for Fraud: Client was accused of committing fraud to obtain an immigration benefit 20 years ago, client was married more than 5 times. The client’s marriages were accused of being fraudulent. Attorney Mubarak successfully represented him in removal proceedings, client’s most current marriage was deemed legitimate. The client was not deported, his 212(i) waiver was approved. He is now a legal permanent resident.

2013 L-1 Visa involving a franchise: Attorney Mubarak has handled multiple L-1 visa cases. This particular case was interesting because it involved a franchise. In most scenarios, a franchise is not a favorable business for an L-1 visa. Attorney Mubarak designed a special, multi-tiered company structure to demonstrate the parent company’s control of the new US entity. The L-1 visa was approved.

2013 Cancelation of Removal: Clients, a young couple, have been in the United States for nearly 16 years. Clients were placed in Removal Proceedings. Clients sought Cancelation of Removal for Nonpermanent Residents. Client’s removal defense was successful, the client’s were not ordered removed and are now legal permanent residents.

2013 TPS: Attorney Mubarak has handled several TPS cases successfully. In some cases, the Client’s physical presence was interrupted for over 6 weeks, limiting his likelihood for a successful application. Attorney Mubarak successfully argued and rebutted the presumptions of resettlement on behalf of his clients, allowing for grant of TPS.

2012- DACA: Client entered the United Stated with his family as an infant, without inspection. Attorney Mubarak has handled several DACA applications, all were approved.

2012/2013- L-1 Visa: Client, foreign corporation opened an affiliate company in the United States. The Client was seeking to transfer one of its executives, the Beneficiary to the United States to run its affiliate company. This particular L-1 was an interesting case as the US company was primarily a real-estate investment group. The L-1 visa was approved, as well as subsequent extensions.

2012- Parole in Place for Family of US Military: Parole in place or “PIP” is a process that allows immediate relatives of active duty military servicemen and women to remain in the United States and to be “paroled in place” making them eligible to adjust status within the United States. Client entered the United States illegally over 14 years ago and because of the unlawful entry could not adjust status within the United States even with a qualifying USC relative. Outcome: Case approved. We were able to demonstrate the USC family members would suffer extreme hardship, if the Client was not allowed to remain in the US. The USCIS officer from Tampa stated this was the first PIP he has approved at the Tampa office.

2012- Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) case: Prior to Attorney Mubarak’s representation, Client was granted asylum in 2005, a few years later the Department of Homeland Security reopened his case and accused the client of providing fraudulent documents to support his asylum case. The client’s asylee status was revoked, an order of deportation was entered. Client hired Attorney Mubarak to take over the appeal to the BIA. Attorney Mubarak successfully argued the case was improperly reopened, the evidence questioned of fraud should not be considered material, and his asylee status to be reinstated. Client is currently a legal permanent resident.

2012- 212(i) Waiver/Fraudulent entry with false documents: Client entered the US on fraudulent documents. Client’s spouse and children are all US citizens, however, client was not eligible to become a permanent resident because of his fraudulent entry. In order to be eligible to adjust client needed to apply for a 212(i) waiver;a difficult waiver which requires establishing extreme hardship to the client’s spouse or parents. Outcome: 212(i) waiver was approved, client’s application to become a legal permanent resident was also approved.

2012- Motion to Reopen and Rescind an In Abstentia Order of Removal: Client was ordered removed by an Immigration Judge, but was not aware of the removal order because he never received notice of the hearing. Outcome: Case was successfully reopened and the order of removal rescinded.

2012- Motion to Reopen and Rescind an In Abstentia Order of Removal & Motion For Bond: Client entered the country several years ago to work with a US company. The company eventually dissolved and the Client remained in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security began an investigation on the company for immigration fraud, as well as the individuals associated with the company. Client was to appear before the Immigration Court, however, never received notice because it was sent to the dissolved company’s address. Thus, the Client was ordered removed and never made aware of such an order. Client eventually married a US citizen. The Client and her husband attended a marriage and adjustment interview at USCIS, they were still unaware of the order of removal. Client was arrested on location and transferred to the immigration detention center in Broward County, Florida. Outcome: We were able to stop the client from being subject to expedited removal based on her previous order of removal by filing a Motion to Reopen. The case was reopened, the order of removal rescinded and the Client was released on bond.

2012 VAWA: Client was a victim of physical and domestic abuse caused by her spouse. The spouse also controlled Client’s immigration paperwork. Attorney Mubarak assisted the Client, and corrected her immigration status by successfully pursuing relief under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

2010 Asylum: As a then law student, Attorney Mubarak represented a young couple from Haiti on their asylum claim. The couple fled their home country, and sought Asylum in the United States. The couple was granted asylum, and they are now Legal Permanent Residents of the United States.


*** Pursuant to the rules of the Florida Bar, you are advised that if past results are mentioned, each case is different and those provided may not be representative of future results obtained by the lawyers.

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