Florida has 3 of the 5 most dangerous highways in the U.S.

Posted: Sept 25, 2021

Over the past decade, advances in automotive technology have been impressive: today's cars feature improved collision mitigation systems, proximity detection, and other safety measures. However, car accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

According to Teletrac Navman's report, which uses data from the Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these are the most dangerous highways in the country.

  • #5 – US 92: St. Petersburg, Florida, to Daytona Beach, Florida (177 miles)
    Deaths per mile: 0.706
    Deadliest city: Tampa, Florida
  • #4 – I-17: Phoenix, Arizona to Flagstaff, Arizona (146 miles)
    Deaths per mile: 0.707
    Deadliest city: Phoenix, Arizona
  • #3 – US 192: Four Corners, Florida, to Indialantic, Florida (75 miles)
    Deaths per mile: 0.867
    Deadliest city: Kissimmee, Florida
  • #2 – I-45: Galveston, Texas, to Dallas, Texas (285 miles)
    Deaths per mile: 0.913
    Deadliest city: Houston, Texas
  • #1 – I-4: Tampa, Florida, to Daytona Beach, Florida (132 miles)
    Deaths per mile: 1.134
    Deadliest city: Orlando, Florida

I-4, which traverses Florida from side to side, is still considered the most dangerous highway in the country. It is the only U.S. highway with a fatality per mile rate higher than 1. This highway has been undergoing a large construction project since 2015. The I-4 Ultimate construction project involves a 21-mile segment that goes from west of Kirkman Road in Orange County to State Road 434 in Seminole County. The dangers along the construction zone have resulted in a 12% increase in car accidents resulting in an even higher increase in injuries and fatalities.

I had a car accident. What should I do?

First of all, you must remain calm, stay in the area of the accident, and call 911. Otherwise, you may be labeled a hit-and-run driver and might face criminal charges.

DO NOT move other people if they express neck or back pain, unless that person is in imminent danger.

Exchange your insurance information with the other party involved in the accident and wait for the police to arrive to file a report. This can serve as evidence for your insurance claim.

If possible, talk to any witnesses and ask for their contact information.

Remember: If you don’t seek medical attention within 14 days of your car accident, you will lose any rights to compensation. Contact us today!

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Can I sue for injuries in a car accident caused by another driver?

In Florida, most traffic accident cases are settled within the policy limits of those involved. However, even if both drivers have insurance, the injured party can still file a claim for damages against both the at-fault driver and the owner of the vehicle.

It is important that you seek the help of an attorney if you were the victim of a traffic accident. Injury claims can be a very complicated and exhausting process, especially if you need to recover from an accident.
Damages usually included in a car accident settlement are:

  • Medical and personal care bills
  • Loss of income due to the accident
  • Mental, emotional, and physical pain
  • Impairments and disabilities
  • Decreases in future earning potential

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