Immigration Law Articles

December 7, 2020: USCIS started accepting DACA applications and issuing advance parole documents
Important news about the DACA program and deferred action for childhood arrivals: On December 4th, 2020 a judge issued an order requiring the Department of Homeland Security to accept new applications for DACA. This is a very big deal for dreamers and dreamers to be. Dreamers are those who were brought to the U.S. when they were under...

Can I Become a U.S. Permanent Resident Through My Spouse?
The simple answer is yes. You may have heard of “green card marriages” through the media or people you know. “Green cards” is the unofficial term for permanent resident cards. Orlando Green Card Attorney Nayef Mubarak has handled hundreds of adjustments of status cases and immigrant visa through consular process for spouses of American Citizens or Permanent Residents...

The L-1A visa and the EB-1C visa: Options for international businesses seeking to transfer their executive or managerial employees from foreign countries to the U.S.
There is no doubt that immigration law has been at the center of political debates and breaking news stories since President Trump’s inauguration. The bulk of the discussion, rightfully so, has been on the controversial issues of the “the wall,” DACA, refugees, and the numerous attempts to implement “Muslim bans.” ...

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Latest Immigration Updates

Biden administration to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Due to the massive COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil most of non-immigrant and even immigrant visas from Brazil have been suspended

On March 24th USCIS informed that they are offering a 60-day extension on deadlines for cases that have received either a denial, a request for evidence, a notice of intent to deny, or a notice of intent to revoke, due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Immigration Law Articles