Benjamin R. Hunter, Esq.
Estate Planning Attorney (Of Counsel)

Attorney Benjamin Hunter in Orlando, FL


Ben’s extensive legal experience began while in law school, working as a legal intern in
estate planning, probate, trust administration, and real property law. After graduating, Ben continued to build upon this strong foundation by focusing his practice in these areas. In August 2016 Ben and his wife, Cara, established their own firm, Hunter, P.A., with the goal of providing the personal service and legal counseling their clients deserve.

Ben’s approach to counseling clients with their estate planning is different than most. He avoids traditional formalities associated with a legal consultation when possible. Meetings with clients tend to reflect more of an informal conversation had with a friend. Ben places an importance on getting to know the client and their family on a more personal level to better advise the client in achieving their overall planning goals. Without a clear picture of a client’s family dynamics, an estate planning attorney cannot effectively plan to meet the client’s goals and protect their loved ones.

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