Nayef Mubarak Goes In Depth On Trump's Immigration Policy



Published on February 27, 2017 - Channel 13 News - Orlando

President Trump plans to announce a revised travel ban this week aimed to stop possible terrorists enter the US. Orlando Immigration Attorney Nayef Mubarak talks to Cheryn Stone from Channel 13 News and goes In Depth about President Trump's Immigration Policy. Mr. Mubarak talks about the announcement of the increase on the number of border patrol agents, and about new agreements to try to create a broader enforcement agency. Attorney Mubarak also talks about what is being done to advocate for the affected immigrants, and recommends people to become informed and separate false information from facts. He also suggests those worried about how they could be affected to talk to an immigration attorney about what should they be worried about and what they should not be worried about.

New Deportation Rules

Channel 13 News (CH13N): President Trump’s plan to announce a revised travel ban this week is aimed at stopping possible terrorists from entering the United States. However, people who are already here illegally find themselves targets of domestic roundups. Sharon Stone goes in-depth on the new crackdown with a local immigration attorney. The Department of Homeland Security announced broader guidelines as to who they will pick up for potential deportation. This helps President Donald Trump's fulfilling campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration. To go in-depth on this policy is local immigration attorney Nayef Mubarak of the Mubarak law firm. Thank you so much for coming in today.

Nayef Mubarak (NM):  Good morning, thank you.

CH13N: So this is a big question but, what are these new guidelines? are more aggressive?

NM:   Right, so at the end of January president Trump signed these two executive orders. However there's a lot of criticism saying well, what does this actually mean? Late Sunday Monday morning DHS published memos from the director Kelly of the Department of Homeland Security actually providing more information, and what we see in these two memos was actually an increase of border agents and ICE agents. Almost fifteen thousand five hundred is what the memo outlined to start immediately hiring of in addition to are these agreements between ICE agents, federal agents and local law enforcement to try to create a broader agreement and broader enforcement agency.

CH13N: Are you busier?

NM:  We're getting a lot of calls. Many of our clients are terrified. There's a lot of misinformation and the climate and it's all over the media people are hearing about local raids and things so really the atmosphere it's very palpable. People are nervous.

CH13N:  So is there anything you as an attorney or maybe other advocates can do to challenge these actions?

NM:  Well as you know Trump’s travel ban was shot down by the Ninth Circuit. We can continue to advocate against any new additional executive orders. Moreover, we are kind of implementing “know your rights campaigns”. For example on Sunday we are doing an earlier rights campaign and four different languages so people can get real information and kind of separate it from false and facts and may be better informed individuals.

CH13N:  So what would be your advice to people who are terrified?

NM:  The law is still the law. You have rights. There's due process. You could speak to an immigration attorney and know what's fact from fiction, and know what you should be worried of and what you shouldn't be worried of. So always consult with an attorney or an accredited representative and get proper information.

CH13N:  Do you see any danger, public safety with this crackdown? Or is it more just the rhetoric of fear that is spreading?

NM:  The danger might lead to people leaving their jobs, or leaving their homes because of out of fear that these crackdowns are coming. Or perhaps people being separated from their families People are asking should I move? Should I move to areas that are perhaps safer? Do you have any recommendation? There's a genuine fear there. I'm not sure if these orders will increase any danger to public safety or not but you could just tell the energy amongst my clients and individuals is pretty terrifying.

CH13N:  It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you.

NM:  Yeah we are just trying to keep the public educated and calm, and let people know that people are fighting on their behalf, and that we're doing everything we can.

CH13N:  All right, good luck to you and thank you for coming in today.


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