Nayef Mubarak provides updates on immigration law and answers FAQs about removal proceedings



Published on September 10, 2020

Immigration Attorney Nayef Mubarak talks About different immigration topics including the reopening of immigration courts in Orlando for non-detained cases, which will be done in phases; Phase 1 will have only individual calendar hearings and no master calendar hearings. Other issues include how long the immigration applications are taking and what can be done if your case is taking longer than the average time with no reason. Attorney Mubarak also answered question about deportation proceedings, now called removal proceedings, including: What is withholding of removal? Who qualifies for cancellation of removal? Is Voluntary Departure Considered a Removal Order? Can you come back to the U.S after being deported or removed? Can I be deported or removed if I'm married to a U.S. citizen? Do deportation orders expire? And more.





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