Updates on Immigration: DED for Venezuelans, Syrian TPS and H1B Visas



Published on February 11, 2021

Immigration attorney Nayef Mubarak talks about the latest immigration news, including the new "Deferred Enforced Departure" (DED) for Venezuelans, new developments on Syrian TPS and news about the Dream Act. Mr. Mubarak also talks about the H-1B visa, and answers frequently asked questions about this non-immigrant employment-based visa.


Updates on Immigration: DED for Venezuelans, Syrian TPS

DED or TPS for Venezuelans?
The last day in office Trump signed a “Deferred Enforced Departure” for Venezuelans. This is not a TPS but it means that for 18 months Venezuelans cannot be forced to leave the United States and that they will be eligible to get work permits during that period of time. We have already met with many individuals who are starting to complete the applications and the required evidence. USCIS has not released any instructions or guidance yet on how to file. However, if the Venezuelan DED is anything like previous DEDs for other countries, we know what to expect; we know that we're just going to have to demonstrate citizenship and eligibility and the proper form to obtain the work permit.

Syrian TPS: The Syrian TPS has been redesignated this means that if you have been here and you did not qualify for TPS initially, you can register now for the first time. So someone who arrived and it was too late for them to get TPS, they have until around mid-March to file your TPS application.

Dream Act: A bipartisan bill on the Dream Act was presented to the Senate on February 4th

Other Updates

Spanish - Watch our Facebook Lives with actual former clients and hear from them their experience of going through immigration and their experience of working with our firm. We also would like to start doing Facebook Lives in Spanish for many of our Spanish-speaking clients. It will be incredibly helpful. We do send a newsletter out and our YouTube channel.

Arabic - Once a month we have a Facebook live with Miss Basma Alawi, and we take and answer questions about immigration or car accidents in Arabic.

Naturalizations and Green Cards approvals- Congratulations to our five new U.S. citizens in the month of February. We also had one green card approved. Congratulations to that person too! We are so happy for them. They have worked so hard and do what it takes to become citizens/permanent residents that they deserve this outcome.




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