What is Personal Injury? Information on car accidents, slip and falls and dog bites



Published on April 21, 2021

Attorney Nayef Mubarak and Kelly Dominguez talk about different personal injury matters including car accidents, slip and falls and dog bite. Mr. Mubarak and Mrs. Dominguez go in depth into different topics including what to do in case of a car accident, what is comparative negligence or comparative faults, what is uninsured motorist insurance and what happens after a settlement agreement is signed.


Personal Injury

What is a personal injury?

Personal injury refers to the area of the law that allows someone to file a lawsuit or make a claim on behalf of a victim or a family member of a victim if they've suffered bodily, emotional or physical harm because of the actions or the negligence of another individual. For example, if in a car accident if somebody is at fault and the other driver was negligent then we can pursue damages against them, and then some other types of personal injury.

Some important things you need to know in each type of case right so as we know car accidents the most common is the easiest one to describe car accidents are very common here a lot of people drive so they're not. Please read our blog post on tips about what to do after a car accident. Other cases personal injury cases we take are people that have been hit while riding their bicycles. When we say slip and fall or trip and fall just to give you a visual idea if you're shopping in Walmart and there's a you know giant puddle of spilled milk you slip and you fall you get hurt that’s where the name comes from it's pretty self-explanatory and then they are sometimes very tricky to handle as far as personal injury to handle as far as personal injury claims and we'll explain why.






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